Chimney Sweep Service In Medford

Being a full service duct cleaning company in Medford, Busy Bee Custom Painting & Chimney Sweep cleans not only the air ducts in your home but also the oldest duct of all: the chimney.

Why Should Have A Chimney Cleaning?

Your chimney allows you to enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting by a fire in your own home but we often forget that if a chimney is not properly taken care of then it will become a home fire waiting to happen. This is because chimney cleaning removes creosote, a substance that slowly accumulates on the walls of your chimney with each fire that is lit. Highly flammable, creosote lining the chimney can catch fire, bringing about a fire that blasts out of the chimney cap often spreading to other parts of the home.

How Can I Tell If I Should Call Chimney Cleaners?

Chimney fires are serious concerns, but how can you tell if you need the assistance of professional chimney sweepers? In general, it is recommended to have your chimney cleaned once a year, though it can be more frequent if you use your fireplace often. However, here are some indications that you should contact a reliable chimney cleaner right away.

First, make sure that there is no downdraft in the chimney. If there is open some windows in the area to even out the pressure. When there is no more downdraft put on goggles, a dust mask and grab a flashlight. With your fireplace poker scratch the surface above the smoke chamber. If scratch is as thing as a sheet of paper then you are probably good. However, if it is 1/8th of an inch or thicker, then it is time for a chimney cleaning. If it is about 1/4th then do not use your fireplace until it has been cleaned.

Keep your home safe

Enjoy using your fireplace without worrying about the hazard of a chimney fire. Contact Busy Bee Custom Painting & Chimney Sweep to get in touch with reliable chimney sweep experts today.

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